Beat The Sweet Tooth

Your sweet tooth has gotten you in trouble.Let’s face facts sugar is quite addicting and hidden in so many places. Just think of  how many times you have started the clean eating only to find that you’ve abandoned it for a slice of cake, and all of the extra calories you’ve eaten just to have a taste of something sweet before bed.Where’s that sweet tooth gotten you? Yep….

Into pants that are another size larger. Into your doctor’s office for another lecture. Into a body that you no longer enjoy.Yes, sweet (sugar) is delicious and tempting, but the life-long repercussions far outweigh the momentary pleasure.

To help you conquer the sugar craving once and for all, I’ve identified 5 sweets you should remove, and a healthy substitute for each.

1) Eliminate the Candy

Nothing gets refined sugar circulating through your body quicker than a handful of candy—and if you’re in the habit of eating it daily then your body will really crave it.

There is no nutritional value, other than caloric energy, and will quickly boost your blood sugar and  end up stored on your body in the form of unwanted, annoying fat.

Do this to ween yourself from candy and replace it for a handful of unsalted nuts, a few pieces of unsweetened, dried fruit, or a small square of very dark chocolate (at least 70% preferably).

2) Eliminate the  Sweet Baked Goods

Cake, cookies, brownies, pastries, donuts, and pies are filled with sugar. While these may not taste as sweet as candy, the combination of refined sugar and white flour will spike your blood sugar as well.Once again sugar is the culprit.

I find when craving sweets I try to reach for a piece of fresh, seasonal fruit. Fruit is nature’s candy and is every bit as blissful as a slice of cake. When having family gatherings we tend to have cakes and pies ect for dessert it would be better for everyone to satisfy the sweet tooth with a beautiful fruit platter.

3) Eliminate this Sweet: Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Who doesn’t love a bowl of creamy ice cream…until that ice cream makes its permanent home on your hips. Very much like candy, ice cream has few nutritional benefits and is loaded with sugar.

Instead  give unsweetened, nonfat Greek yogurt with a scoop of vanilla protein powder a try and mix in some chopped, fresh fruit and nuts. This creamy delight should satisfy the pallet!

4) Completely Eliminate Soft Drinks

A regular can of soda pop contains the equivalent of 10 packets of sugar. That’s more sugar than you should consume in a full week!We drink soft drinks like we are drinking water and something that you get into the habit of  and you do without thinking. The good news is that a habit can be broken and then replaced with something healthier.

Take soda pop out of your diet. Period. There are plenty of other, healthier, beverages available to you.

5) Eliminate Blended Drinks 

Smoothies, blended coffee drinks and milkshakes are all tempting treats, especially in hot summer months. Don’t be fooled or give into this temptation!These items are even more deadly than most treats since you are drinking hundreds if not even over a 1000 calories Let me assure you that even though you don’t feel full, like you would after a piece of cake, you’re still taking in a bunch of sugary calories.

Make your own healthy blended drinks at home by using natural sweeteners like stevia which is one of my favorites, or simply by using fruit. Blend a delicious protein shake with ice, water or almond milk and protein powder.

A great thing to remember is that once you’ve fallen out of the habit of eating sugar, your body will no longer crave it.This means that each day spent being focused  will bring you closer to the day that sugar no longer has a hold over you. Imagine how much happier and healthier you will be!

Eating healthy is half of the battle when it comes to fitness and wellness. The other, equally important, side is maintaining a regular, challenging exercise program.For an exercise program to be challenging it must always be changing. If you need assistance in designing a program feel free to connect with me to get started on a new regime!

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