We started with the root chakra last week. Remember we talked about the root and the color red and the foundation, survival instincts? Well, this week we are talking about the sacral chakra, which is associated with the color orange, and you will find it located just below the bellybutton about two to three inches, okay?

Now it’s associated with our emotions, our creativity, our sexuality, or sensuality. And when this becomes imbalanced, we kind of have a hard time relating or dealing with people in relationships. We tend to bottle up our feelings and then hold them in, and that can create some imbalance in our system, okay?

So remember last week we did a list of questions? Well, I’m going to do that every week. So I want you to go and get a piece of paper and a pen or just take notes, and you want to write down every time you say no to something, okay?Just worry about that one, the no, okay?

So I’m going to … You know, glasses on, need them at this point in the game.Anyway, okay, so here we go. Let me just get my hair out of the way. Oh yeah,it’s never perfect on camera, right? All right, so are you guys ready? Let’s do this.

Okay,so remember we’re just going to write down … Whenever you have a no, just put a little tick mark down on a piece of paper. That might be the easiest way to do it.

Here is the first question. Are you ready? Let’s do it. I’m in touch with my feelings and I find it easy to express my emotions. Number two, I enjoy healthy intimate relationships. Number three, I’m in touch with my own sensual nature.Excellent. I regularly do activities that I find pleasurable. I have things that I am passionate about in life.

I can identify what my needs are. I love to dance. Moving with music makes me feel good. I make time for myself to relax and feel good. I’m comfortable embracing changes in my life, and I enjoy taking baths or swimming. Excellent.All right. So total those up. Did you have three or four or maybe five nos on that one?

Just remember it doesn’t matter … Balance … You want to be balanced obviously, right? We want that sacral chakra balance, but if it’s not it might be over or under active. There’s a couple of things you want to remember.This is really … I want to give you just three simple tips to help you with this.

So Here It Is :

1. First, you want to think about the emotions that you’re feeling. Do you keep them bottled up and do you have a hard time expressing yourself? If you do, one of the things you can do is actually get some outside help. That would be the first tip that I would give. So that might be a counselor, maybe your psychologist, maybe you’re looking for an energy practitioner. They can help clear and balance the chakras as well, so that would be the  first thing I would think of is maybe getting some outside help, especially if you’re really struggling and having a hard time, you know, getting your emotions out.

2.We  definitely don’t want to keep our emotions bottled up, so maybe the best way you can express them is either to journal … A journal is a great way to get things out, and sometimes when we’re writing we don’t even realize that we’re writing. We just want to just kind of get it all out on paper..Another way is through music, through dance, through arts. There’s lots of ways to express yourself, and that’s where the creativity part comes in with the sacral, right? So really think about that.

3. I’m going to give you another tip is to try to take up a practice, maybe meditation, maybe you’d like to do yoga or qigong or tai chi.There’s lots of different ways that we can do that, where we can express ourselves and get those emotions out.

So those are my three top tips for you. But if you’re really struggling, first and foremost get some outside support for sure. Number two, express through journaling, painting or music. And number three, maybe take up a relaxation type exercise, yoga, meditate, qigong, tai chi, whatever works for you. So there’s your tips, three tips for your sacral chakra. I hope you have an amazing day. I look forward to seeing you next week, where we move into the solar plexus. Have a great day. We’ll talk to you soon.

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