The heart chakra’s true purpose is to help you experience the joy of giving love and receiving love. Located at the center of your chest, the heart chakra balances the energies of our lower and upper chakras and is the bridge to higher consciousness we feel it as the breath that dances between the body and spirit.

The health of our relationships is determined by the health of our heart chakra. Relationship problems, insecurities and our needs are all regulated by the heart chakra. The heart chakra’s purpose is to help us safely and fully experience love

Here are 3 Simple Tips To Balance Your Heart Chakra

1.Try and see beyond people’s behaviors and through to the real person.

2. Try not to judgmental of yourself or others. If you find yourself judging others breathe into your heart and let the judgment go with your exhale breath

3.Live life with a generous open heart way as best you can.