When it comes to the throat chakra it’s all about communication, listening, speaking your truth. Maybe you have found yourself at times unable to speak or finding the right words. This can indicate that there is an imbalance in your throat chakra. It is also the gateway to our creative expression  and our creativity can be expressed through art, music, and dance. When we begin to heal the throat chakra we find ourselves expressing in a harmonious way.

When your throat chakra is balanced you are able to clearly communicate and able to express your authentic self. You live and speak your truth and tune into the vibrations around .You are a good listener to others as well as listening to your own inner voice.

If your throat chakra is over active you tend to not be a good listener, you may talk too much and dominate conversations. You gossip and speak negatively of others.

If your throat chakra is under active you may find it difficult to speak and express your true feelings. You may find your voice is small, quiet and you have a fear of speaking in public or engaging in conversation with others.

One on of the ways I know to balance the chakra system is through dance and coming this January 19 2019 we have Chakradance- Reboot Your Root workshop which will help you balance the foundation of the whole system which begins in the root.

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Chakradance- Reboot Your Root

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