The crown chakra is our road to higher realms of consciousness. The crown opens us to what Carl Jung writes about called the Self, the archetype representing whole and complete.

When our true self manifests in this world, we have reached our truest potential and unified our personality as a whole. The full birth of the Self via this strong connection and awakening of the crown chakra gives us an entirely different attitude towards life, and a truly enlightening transformation has taken place.

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When the crown chakra is balanced you feel connected to this world, and the world beyond this one. You connect spiritually to your human existence and live a soulful life. You live in the present moment without worrying about the past or the future.

When the crown is overactive you may feel disconnected from your body. This is usually a result of a spiritual addiction, which is used as an escape and you deny your physical needs.

3 Simple Tips To Balance The Crown Chakra

1.Ask for higher guidance and let these spiritual forces guide you.

2.Be open to inspiration (when you are inspired, you are in-spirit).

3.Develop your relationship with spirit, whether this be with God, angels, spirit guides or simply a higher self or source.