The Importance of Core Strength

Many of us are well accustomed to the development of the glory muscles. Muscles like the chest, shoulders, quads and glutes will always get special attention in the gym – but how many people actually train their core correctly and get the results they are looking for?

Yes, you can see other people doing simple exercises like leg raises and crunches to work their “abs,” but when we say core, we mean something completely different.

Your really need to think of your core as an entire muscular system that spans across the entire surface of the abdomen and back. The core is the system of muscles that begin at the hips and runs all the way up to the ribcage – supporting the whole body.

With that said, many people have a very weak core which can lead to much back pain, hip pain, and even pain in the upper back,neck and shoulders.

Training your core is important for many reasons:

1. Your core is your stability of foundation to movement. Whenever you’re doing an exercise where a load is placed on your back, shoulders, or overhead, your core is the main muscular system that is providing stability.

◦ Think of it as the bridge between your upper and lower body. If the bridge is weak and unstable, the connection between the two (upper and lower body) will not be nearly as effective as it could be. Training your core is important for stability in big overhead movements.

◦ A weak core means your squat and overhead press is going to be weak as well. If you’re a strength athlete, this is something you need to look for and correct.

2. Your core helps you in your running. Since the core links the upper and lower body together, it will act as a synergist in nearly every step. A strong core means a strong and efficient runner.

◦ The core will also help to absorb shock. When you’re running, your body is impacted with about 40 x your bodyweight on each stride.

◦ If your goal is to run a long distance, you must have a strong and stable core.

3. A strong core makes you look great. Last but not least, the core is important because a strong core looks great. Your core is very important to your overall wellbeing but training the core for strength and physique is also important.

Having a great core is more nutrition than training,but when both of these ideas meet in harmony , you’ll have a core that is built for strength and success in any setting.

Core Strength – A Fundamental Element

Core strength is important for your balance, stability, body strength, weightlifting goals, and running goals. This core muscle system appeals in the aesthetics of training. Plus, it helps keep your back, neck, and hips pain-free.

This is one system that cannot go unnoticed in your training program otherwise anything else you are training will be for nothing.

For best results, be sure to try and hit your core for about 60 minutes of training each week. Dedicated ab exrcise sessions, rather than 5 minutes after each workout, also seem to show better strength returns.

The best time to pair core work is at the end of a leg training session. Pair your core training with all your leg workouts and watch as you grow stronger in the core and every aspect of fitness that comes with it.

Start training for core strength today. You will be glad you did!

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