Gratitude journaling is very common these days and even with us fitness trainers helping people to improve their health, fitness,and wellness believe it helps our clients in their life and reaching their goals. There are lots of studies out there that have shown the benefits to journaling for mental and physical health. If you are considering  this could be something that could help you especially if you have some big health and fitness goals then you probably have some questions about what you need and how to do it and being grateful for your body is a good start. Gratitude journaling is actually very easy and simple to do but you want to make it creative so you can bring more life into it.

Obviously what you will need will be few simple things:

Writing tools: You could use a pen or pencil but why not make it more fun and creative. Adding some color and even textures. Different colored pens and pencils,felts or markers as well as different styles can make your gratitude journal not just a record of giving thanks but also a really creative way so that you have  something you can look back on that is visually attractive.

Notebook or Diary Style Journal: While you could use a piece of paper, keeping a special notebook or diary style for your gratitude journal ensures that you will know exactly where you are writing and allows you to review previous gratitude entries. Your notebook or diary journal can be a plain and simple one or you could spurge and buy a fancy expensive one that is fancy,decorative  and flashy. Although why not consider using a plain notebook and jazzing it up for yourself.

By decorating a plain notebook or making a book from scratch you are making a greater commitment to the project itself apply all your own creative energy to it and itwill mean so much to you when you use it. After all, if you are writing positive thoughts inside it, you also want to feel happy and proud when you look at it.

Take Time Alone: By taking time out away from distractions you are giving yourself  time and space to think, relax and write. You’ll also find that you enjoy the experience of being alone and celebrating those things you are thankful for.Collect your journal and whatever you’ve chosen to write with.Find a quiet place somewhere that you know your not going to be disturbed. Journaling should be a time for reflection and celebration free from any outside distractions.So be sure to put your phone away and turn off the ringer although you could also set a timer to give yourself that designated time.

Make sure to be committed to  gratitude journaling on a regular basis, you want to feel happier as well as more grateful as a result. There is no point in just going through the motions of writing without creating a positive meaningful emotional experience.You really want to get to the heart of it.When you write, instead of creating a long list of things you are grateful for put some real thought into it. Take time to write about a particular event and describe in detail why you are thankful for it. Remember to record how you felt through the event and why it made you feel like that..

What you put out into gratitude will come back to you.Remember that the universe is listening and when we are grateful the universe will send more of those things we are grateful for.Those things we are a vibrational match to.Try to include people you are thankful for as much as you possibly can, not just the events. By including specific people and the reasons you are thankful for them it will create a greater emotional impact and the result of more of that showing up into your life. It becomes more personal and more connected from the heart.Include surprises and unexpected events as these will create a stronger sense of gratitude and more significant emotional impact.

Set yourself a weekly date to write in your  journal. While you could journal every day it may be more beneficial to create the  habit of writing in your gratitude journal once a week. This will allow you to plan for it and truly find the joy in it.There is no right or wrong way to keep a gratitude journal. Everyone will find  their own  way. Happy journaling.

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