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The Scorpio New Moon

The Scorpio New Moon: November 4, 2021 On November 4, 2021, this new moon is ushering us into Scorpio season and down into the depths of our souls. This potent […]

7 Ways to an Alkaline Diet

A Healthy, Balanced Approach Are you eating an alkaline diet?  Do you eat a lot of acidic foods? And feel like your body is in a state of acidosis. Eating […]

Full Moon in Taurus

The Beaver Full Moon in Taurus The Full Moon that falls on November 19th, 2021, with a partial lunar eclipse is a Beaver Moon. Here we have a full moon […]

Boost Your Brain Power

Boost Your Brain Power We know that our brain is a great asset, but have you ever considered how much it can do for us? It controls everything from body […]

New Moon in Sagittarius & Solar Eclipse

New Moon in Sagittarius & Solar Eclipse  Sagittarius & Solar Eclipse The New Moon in Sagittarius also has a powerful solar eclipse that is about to occur just before midnight […]

Finding Your Spiritual Path

Finding Your Spiritual Path 5 Simple Steps Finding Your Spiritual Path When looking for a whole, happy life, you can’t forget about your spiritual path when you lose your purpose, your […]


TOP WAY WE SABOTAGE OURSELVES: SLEEP We all know that this is the time of year when we struggle to balance work, family life, and the holiday season. And it’s […]

Last Full Moon of 2021

Last Full Moon of 2021 The last Full Moon of 2021 occurs in the sign Gemini and brings sweet energy that encourages us to appreciate what we have accomplished throughout […]

Protein-Packed Snacks

Protein-Packed Snacking Ever feel low on energy in the middle of the afternoon? A lot of factors could be at play. It could be that you’re just not eating healthy […]

Define Success For You

WHAT DEFINES SUCCESS FOR YOU THIS COMING NEW YEAR? What defines success for you in the coming year? It’s a question that I often ask myself. We all have our […]