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 Boost Your Mood with Exercise

If you are feeling down in the dumps and want to boost your mood, you must try exercise. Exercise is believed to release serotonin, a chemical that controls how we feel and our mood. Increased levels of this chemical make you feel better. Conversely, a lack of serotonin may cause depression. At the very least, it could be responsible for why you are feeling down.

You have likely felt a surge of good feelings after exercising. I know I always feel good after a good workout. Even if you are skeptical of the science, it’s hard to deny that exercise benefits your mood. This feeling usually lasts for several hours after the exercise session. It also helps you move energy blocked in your body, boosting your mood.

Many people choose to exercise in the morning because the good feelings that come from it will last throughout their day. Exercise can help you reduce the stress you may experience from your job or everyday challenges. It gives you the ability to handle whatever situation confronts you while at work.

If you can’t exercise in the morning, you can still benefit from exercise at other times to boost your mood. You are looking for the long-term benefits and effects. Interestingly, some people experience too much of a rush when exercising in the evening. That makes it difficult for them to fall asleep at night. In this case, it’s probably best to exercise at earlier times in the day.

For most people, exercise helps them sleep better. After the elevated mood, your body and mind will become tired, setting you up for good rest. That is a natural way for you to get a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep also helps your body do all its repair work.

While any exercise is good and can boost your mood, you will be better off making regular exercise a part of your routine. It follows that if exercise makes you feel better and you exercise often, you will likely feel better. Regular exercise also helps to regulate body weight. If you ever feel down about your weight, you will also help with this situation.

You don’t have to use intense exercise to get the benefits of an elevated mood from exercising. Walking is one of the best exercises available to boost your mood. However, you have to do it frequently for it to be most beneficial. It would help to boost your mind if you tried to walk for several miles during each session and do it three to four times per week. Incorporating some resistance training into your workout routine is not a bad idea. Make sure not to do this every day to rest your muscles. A great benefit to resistance training is that you continue to burn fat even after you have finished the session, which also helps boost your mood. Join our private community on Facebook for more healthy lifestyle tips