Get Fit Fast In 5 Easy Steps

Summertime gives you the chance to switch things up in the fitness department and you can include the rest of the family for some quality bonding time. Most people think way too much about how to lose the weight. Maybe you do this too. You spend hours gathering information about the latest trends and the quickest way to get in shape, and then become completely overwhelmed by all that [...]

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These 5 Ab Moves Better Than Crunches

These 5 Ab Moves Better Than Crunches Although the basic crunch is still popular, by now it’s pretty well known that this outdated exercise not the most effective way to flatten and strengthen your abs. It simply doesn’t activate your core muscles to the extent that other exercises do, it can hurt your back, and the small motion doesn’t do much by way of calorie burning. So why are [...]

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Beware..time flies 5 tips for Brides to Be Big Day Ready!!

5 tips for Brides to Be Big Day Ready!! We are already leaving the first month of 2016. Goodbye January and hello Febuary! Pretty soon we will be heading into spring with summer falling shortly behind. I don’t know about you but January just seem to fly I cannot even imagine that it is over already. For all the beautiful brides out there with weddings this coming season it [...]

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New Year New You

New Year New You 60 Day Health Challenge Take the Challenge! We are excited to announce the dates for our annual NEW YEAR, NEW YOU 60 Day Health Challenge. This challenge is designed to help you take your health to the next level - for good! We combine the Isagenix program with goal-setting, healthy recipes, exercise recommendations, and the most effective tips and strategies to help you achieve fast [...]

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