So what’s lifestyle anyways….

It happens to everyone those moments when you don't feel good and you find yourself standing in front of the mirror putting on clothes that once use to fit and are now to tight, or your looking down at the scale and your first thought that enters your mind is I need to lose weight. Your first thought is I gotta go on a 'diet' but as quickly as [...]

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How to get beach-worthy abs..

You probably know that crunches and sit-ups alone won’t result in sculpted abs. Only a drop in overall body fat will uncover your stomach muscles.It is fully possible for you to do this with an effective combination of fat burning cardio, resistance training and clean eating. Our clients routinely drop fat and transform their bodies. You can do it too. Here’s how to get beach-worthy abs… 1) Exercise a [...]

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Are You Ready for Summer…try this for 28 days

BEACH READY IN 28 DAYS Warmer weather is here and now it's time for shorts, tank tops and bathing suits. Are you ready for it? What if  for the next 28 days you dropping excess pounds and inches and began to get into better shape before hitting the beach? Then you could slide through the summer months fitter than ever and more likely to eat healthier, indulge less and [...]

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Inspiring Transformation

Congratulations Tara! How about a little Inspiration for Transformation!!! “Do you know that what you tell yourself on a daily basis matters? Before Isagenix how I talked to myself went a lot like this: "I can't do this." "This is too hard." "I'm just fat and that's all I'm ever going to be, why bother?" "This is going to take forever, be too much work and I'm already exhausted [...]

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Beat The Sweet Tooth

Beat The Sweet Tooth Your sweet tooth has gotten you in trouble.Let's face facts sugar is quite addicting and hidden in so many places. Just think of  how many times you have started the clean eating only to find that you’ve abandoned it for a slice of cake, and all of the extra calories you’ve eaten just to have a taste of something sweet before bed.Where’s that sweet tooth [...]

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Chakradance-Unleash the Goddess Within

Checkout our beautiful setting at Loon Lake​ for our 1st Annual Chakradance Retreat- Unleash the Goddess Within March 16-18 2018 With less then 3 weeks left to register for our upcoming retreat.I wanted to share with you our event space.The Panabode is such a beautiful intimate space and from the picture you can see the green door is where there is a small kitchen for snacks,coffee and  tea I [...]

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Have You Met Your Goals This Year???

It certainly that time of year again with the hustle of the holidays and the New Year quickly approaching!! Are you ready? I know the year seems to have flown by and we are 10 days away from Christmas and 16 days away from the start of another New Year!!! Hello 2018 it is almost here and surely you are aware that it has already begun the New Years [...]

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Your Holiday Survival Strategy

There is no denying it the holidays have arrived. The lights have been hung, the gifts are being wrapped and the abundance of holiday treats are everywhere. It's no secret that most people will gain 5 to 10 pounds over the holidays. With all the parties, special meals, edible gifts, and alcohol, weight gain is pretty much inevitable...right? Well not so fast. I've come up with a survival strategy to [...]

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Get Fit Fast In 5 Easy Steps

Summertime gives you the chance to switch things up in the fitness department and you can include the rest of the family for some quality bonding time. Most people think way too much about how to lose the weight. Maybe you do this too. You spend hours gathering information about the latest trends and the quickest way to get in shape, and then become completely overwhelmed by all that [...]

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Vacation Proof Your Diet

You don’t need another article that’s going to tell you the same old advice about eating healthy on vacation. “Watch your portions!” “Pack some snacks!” “Pick a cheat day!” You’ve heard it all before. And yet every year you go away for a fun vacation, get carried away at the buffet, and come back 3 to 5 pounds heavier than when you left. It sure would be nice to [...]

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