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Eating The Rainbow: Choosing Foods Of Different Colours

“Eating the rainbow” is a term that refers to eating foods of different colours. There are many advantages to this way of eating. Not only does it offer variety, but each food contains vitamins and minerals that support important functions in the body. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about why choosing foods from all parts of the colour spectrum makes for an excellent diet plan! Drawn from my training as a Food and Spirit Practitioner there are many reasons for approaching your diet in this way it allows you to choose foods based on the seven systems of health.

What is Food & Spirit? It was created by Dr. Deanna Minich and her Food and Spirit certification program which I took in 2016 teaches ways to integrate with personal growth meaning Food = the physical and Spirit = soul which is bringing together the physical and nonphysical aspects of a person through the experience of eating and living every day.

The seven systems are based on the root, the flow, the fire, the love, the truth, the insight and the spirit system. In my experiences through taking the training were very profound and insightful and really have transformed my own thoughts on nutrition overall. I can now help clients work through any issues in regards to their own journey with diets and lifestyle programs.

Just like a flower with many petals, good health requires many aspects in our lives. Each of these systems has specific foods associated so let’s get right to them below.

Our root system is all about the family, our community and tribe, survival, instinct and our ability to be grounded. Some of the foods for this system are protein, root vegetables, minerals. Foods that support our immune system and the adrenal glands. Root foods that grow deep into the earth.

In our flow system, we are focused on movement, flow, creativity, relationships, emotions and sensuality. Foods in this system are fats and oils, tropical fruits, fish, seafood, fermented foods, orange-coloured foods, nuts and seeds and also foods for the reproductive and urinary tracts.

The fire system is all about transformation, self-esteem, power and empowerment, sustained energy, balance, your will and determination. Foods to focus on are carbohydrates, healthy sweeteners, legumes, soluble fibre, whole grains, yellow coloured foods and foods for digestion, metabolism and spicy foods.

In our love system, we will focus on healing, nurturing, compassion, devotion and empathy, gratitude and forgiveness and expansion into love and breath. Foods to incorporate are leaf vegetables, phytonutrients, food made with love, green coloured foods, and sharing, giving and receiving nourishment from others.

The fifth area is the truth system. It how we express ourselves, speaking one’s truth, being authentic and in harmony. It’s about your choices and chewing. Foods in your diet should focus on here are sea plants, soups, sauces, teas and moistening fruits. Having variety in your eating plan. Choosing foods that support the thyroid, throat and support the mucous membranes.

Our sixth area is called the insight system which is all about our wisdom and intuition. Making time for meditation. Concentration and focus, imagination and self-realization and mood alteration. Some of the foods in your diet should focus on are berries, blue-purple foods, dark chocolate and pungent spices, caffeine and foods that support brain function.

The seventh and final system is the spirit which is all about clarity, purity, intention, simplicity, cleansing, interconnection and spirituality. The focus here is detoxification practices, fasting, sunlight and oxygen and organically grown non-GMO foods.

One of the key principles of  Food and Spirit is that we can approach food differently. Rather than looking at foods based on what they are, like “fruit” or “vegetable,” you can look at them by how they work with your body’s seven systems of health. By choosing a wide variety of colourful fruits and vegetables from all parts of the colour spectrum, you’re ensuring that your diet has an excellent balance between vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats! Join us this week in our private community for our Rainbow Foods Challenge to get started right away!

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