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Reboot Your Root Chakra

root chakra


July 22 @ 10:00 am 4:00 pm

Welcome to the Chakradance Reboot Your Root full-day workshop, where we will embark on a healing journey to connect with our base chakra. Through the wisdom of Jungian psychology, Chakradance is an illustrative healing dance practice that will help you trust your instincts and tap into your creativity by connecting with your body. We invite you to join us as we connect with Mother Earth and discover our power animal through meditation, dance, mandala art, affirmations, chanting and grounding exercises – all designed to help you discover what lies within you. This transformational workshop will give you the tools to unlock your potential and harness your inner power. The Reboot Your Root Chakra workshop is an experience you won’t want to miss. We can’t wait to dance with you!

Chakras are the body’s energy centers and help regulate all of its processes. If you want to be healthy and happy, your chakras must balance. The Reboot, Your Root Chakra workshop focuses on one chakra for the day. There is a total of seven chakras, and each is positioned throughout your body from root to crown. Chakras have frequency, colour, and musical notes. The main goal of balancing the chakra system is to achieve perfect balance within the body.

The Root Chakra links our energetic system and the physical world and is our base for energy and life force. This chakra has earth energy and is associated with grounding and safety. 

The root chakra is called Muladhara chakra, also known as the base chakra, because of its feminine energy. It governs the functioning of the lower part of the body, including the lower back, lower spine, kidneys, legs and feet and bladder. 

In the Reboot Your Root Chakra workshop, you will connect to the wisdom of your body by:

– exploring your chakras and what they represent

– dancing to release blockages in your energy centers

– connecting with your power animal

– creating a mandala to represent your journey

– using affirmations to align with your highest self

– chanting mantras to open yourself up to new possibilities

– grounding yourself in the present moment.

Chakradances Reboot Your Root Chakra unites you with the sacred on every level, both within yourself and in the universe. It aids in your connection to the wisdom of your soul.

If you’re ready to explore your potential, and connect with your higher self, join us for our Reboot Your Root Chakra workshop. You will love it.

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