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Bootcamp fitness is a type of high-intensity interval training. The boot camp classes are held outdoor and are one hour in duration. People come to boot camps to get fit and healthy and meet new people with similar interests. Classes start slowly with a warm-up session before moving onto the main Bootcamp section, consisting of many different exercises. This Bootcamp fitness photo gallery shows you what Bootcamp classes are like so that you can see what they are all about if you have never attended one before. If you are unsure if Bootcamp is suitable for you, we invite you to try a complimentary class.

bootcamp fitness

We have a fine-tuned Group Bootcamp Fitness formula that will target your core strength, total body strength, coordination, balance and get the results you are looking for! Bootcamp fitness sessions start with a warm-up followed by at least 45 minutes of individual, pairs and team exercises; we end with a cool down and stretch. Our Personal Trainers and clients are a friendly group and are always happy to welcome new people on board. We make sure that each works to their own full potential and level of fitness within the group.

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