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Heal Your Life & Heal Your Body

Welcome to the Heal Your Life & Heal Your Body. We have created a 12-week online coaching program for women ready to feel happy, healthy and whole. To celebrate their unique talents and gifts and consciously create their ideal lifestyle on their terms with passion and purpose. Once we heal the past and remove the blocks, our bodies feel good again.

Witness your life as if you were watching a movie. It’s like you’re sitting in the theatre and can feel everything you’re seeing and hearing on the screen. Now imagine that you’re in charge of directing the movie of your life, and all you have to do is play “rewind” if an unwanted scene shows up on your screen or press “play forward” to continue creating something extraordinary. You know how it’s supposed to end, but only you can make it happen. Heal your past wounds and trauma.

It’s time to get in the director’s chair and create a life you want to live. It is your opportunity to make sure you’re leading your life in a way that makes you smile when you look in the mirror instead of wincing (or worse, hiding behind somebody else’s shoulder). It’s time to search your soul to find out what makes you happy and then do more. It’s time to let go of those guilt trips from the past and finally heal your life, those what-ifs from the future, and those who should have would have could and focus on making your wildest dreams come true right now.

Heal Your Life & Heal Your Body

Suppose you are ready to remove all your limiting beliefs, blocks, doubts, and fears and love yourself again with every fibre of your being. Start the life-changing journey that will not only have you love your body but also have you loving your life right where you are now. I invite you to join me on this journey if you are ready.

In this dynamic, interactive program, you will learn to implement the essential tools and strategies to keep your body, mind, and emotions free of toxic barriers to create a life you love, filled with joy, happiness and abundance. Learning about the chakras can help you identify where issues may be causing you to feel unwell.

We take a unique approach to healing your life through the seven systems to better health. Focused on the chakra system, we can find the areas in the body that need clearing through the seven health methods, not only by helping you to reduce toxins, boosting energy, improving relationships, and increasing emotional wellness. Learn the tools you need to know and implement the seven health systems. To learn to feed yourself in ways that nourish the whole self.

Reconnect with the essence of who you are and who you came to be! 

– Learn the tools to support the seven systems of health.

–  Learn to feed yourself in ways that nourish the whole self.

– Create a life you love, filled with joy, happiness and abundance.

– Learn how to be more productive and focused.

– Watch how your relationships will improve.

– Find out what you need to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

Finally, feel at peace with who you are and why you are here.


Chakradance Freedom Meditation

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