Love Your Body & Heal Your Life

Welcome to the Love Your Body & Detox Your Life. This is 30 days of online coaching  program for women who are ready to feel happy healthy and whole. To be truly in love with your life and your body.To celebrate your  unique talents and to consciously create your ideal lifestyle on your terms with passion and purpose.

If you are ready to remove all your limiting beliefs, blocks, doubts,fears and love yourself again with every fiber of your being. This could be exactly what you have been looking for.Start your life changing journey that will not only having you love your body, it will have you loving your life right where you are in this very moment.

In this dynamic, interactive program you will learn to implement the essential tools and strategies you need to keep your body, mind, and emotions free of toxic barriers so that you can create a life you  love,filled with joy, happiness and abundance.

We take a unique approach to detox your life through the 7 systems to better health.Not only by helping you to reduce toxins,  boosting energy, improving relationships, increasing emotional wellness. Come to learn the tools you need to know and implement the  7 systems of health.To learn to feed yourself in ways that nourish the whole self.

Reconnect with the essence of who you truly are and who you came to be! To love your body,mind, and spirit unconditionally.

Contact me at  Sonia 604-783-4790 or