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Moon Cycles And Your Spirituality

We have had a connection to nature since the beginning of time. It is not by chance that the change in weather causes a shift in our mood or that being surrounded by peaceful greenery makes us feel more relaxed. We have spiritual connections with the earth, nature, and the Universe. Each new season brings an opportunity to harness natural energy and create new rituals and practices. The moon cycle is one of the most influential cycles as it phases through different energies such as wisdom, intuition, femininity, nurturing, and spirituality.

Harnessing The Moon Cycles Energy

Like a seed, the moon goes through birth, bloom, and death cycles. With each cycle comes a new opportunity for growth for an individual. These cycles signify the most intimate personal desires of an individual. Using the knowledge of the moon’s rotation to explore these depths within us gives us a chance to enhance our most important relationship: with ourselves. 

While this helps us identify ourselves, it also helps us harness the moon’s energy and embody its many traits. The feminine, creative, and fluid energy transforms our connection with self and nature. 

Understanding The Moon Cycles

Each phase brings a chance to focus on and enhance an aspect of yourself and life and what you should know to gain the most out of each cycle. 

1- New Moon 

The new moon represents the new beginnings in life. This is the ideal time to set new intentions and focus on deciding which changes you want to bring to yourself and your surroundings. Spiritually, this is a call for presence, for reflection, so you can recognize your deepest desires and plan on how to bring them to life. 

2- Waxing Crescent Moon 

When the moon’s illumination is growing, but less than half of it is illuminated, this is the ideal time to set the intention for your goals. You can plan how you want to work on your goals and experience growth in your motivation, determination, and discipline. 

Spiritually, this is the time when you should be energizing yourself to fulfill your intentions. Hence, it is ideal for focusing on moving your body more and becoming physically active. 

3- First Quarter Moon 

When only half a moon is illuminated, it represents decision-making. Review your intention setting and explore whether it fits your long-term goals. Evaluate how your actions, work, and manifestations align with your aim. 

4- Waxing Gibbous Moon 

Because more than half of the moon is illuminated, it’s time for a change. Spiritually, this period is excellent for taking a new step forward in your life, focusing on your inner growth and working towards achieving your deepest desires. It is advised to refine your plans for fulfilling intentions during this time, adding more methods and activities to enhance the experience.

5- Full Moon 

After all the effort and work you have put into yourself and your goals, it is time to celebrate the growth and savour the benefits. It is the ideal time to revisit your intentions and see how far you have come. In this phase, celebrate yourself and your life as it is, and indulge in activities that comfort, support, and energize you for the future moon phases. Your creativity will flow freely and allow you to reflect on your achievements. You might feel overwhelmed with intensified emotions. Try to divert your energy into your growth rather than reacting to your feelings. Let go of things that no longer serve you any purpose, and hold on to something that complements your personal and goal growth. 

6- Waning Gibbous 

When the moon’s illumination decreases, this moon cycle signifies a time of gratitude. During the Full Moon, you can celebrate yourself for all your efforts. A Waning Gibbous moon phases is ideal for showing appreciation to the Universe and self for all, opening doors of opportunities and the ability to grab them. 

7- Third Quarter Moon 

The illumination of the opposite side of the First Quarter Moon cycle is considered the Third Quarter phase of the lunar cycle. This is the time to focus on forgiving others and yourself. Forgive and let go of all that is negatively impacting you. Focus on your current intentions, and visit the inventory to see how much you have worked on and achieved. 

8- Waning Crescent Moon 

The Waning Moon cycle begins when the moon’s illumination is shrinking and less than half the moon is lit. During this phase, your attention should focus solely on restoring your balance. Let go of all that no longer serves you any purpose, including the previous intentions that you had made. 

Instead, focus on clearing your space, cleaning your spiritual energy, and opening yourself up for the New Moon phase. Dedicate time to supporting those around you and understanding the power of small acts and the positive impacts that they can have. 

Refine yourself, clarify your goals, and practice consistency with beneficial habits. 

9- New Moon 

The moon cycle circles back to its original position between the sun and earth, starting the lunar moon cycle again. It is the time for new beginnings, setting new intentions, and manifesting the best for yourself. 

The Benefits Of Moon Cycles

The moon cycles radiate varying energies throughout the phase. With each new phase comes a chance to focus on a specific aspect of your goals or life. Whether it be a manifestation, practicing forgiveness, or gratitude. By dedicating energy and time to certain areas of life, you can work in-depth on yourself, your goals, and your intentions. Therefore, you won’t only experience growth in one area; your entire life will change for the better.

While your body requires your physical and mental well-being to enjoy optimal health, spiritual health holds just as much importance. Therefore, working on your spiritual connection to the Universe, the Divine, or the Self will significantly enhance the quality of your life.  Moon cycling allows you to do just that, providing a powerful opportunity for growth, peace, and fulfilment. So why not give moon cycling a go? Let the moon phases help you become the best version of yourself! Join us for one of our next Moon Ceremoniesand be sure to join our wellness community on Facebook

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