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new moon eclipse

On October 25, 2022, we will experience a New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio. For those of us who follow the lunar cycles, this is an important time for manifestation and setting our intentions for the months ahead. But what does it all mean, and how can we make the most of this powerful energy? Keep reading to find out!

What is a New Moon Eclipse?

A New Moon Eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are in alignment, with the Sun illuminating the side of the Moon that is facing away from Earth. This alignment allows us to set our intentions for the lunar cycle ahead, as we are ‘starting with a clean slate. An eclipse happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned in such a way that the Sun’s light is blocked from reaching the Moon. This can cause the New Moon  eclipse to appear red or orange in colour.

So what does it all mean? Well, new moons are always a time of new beginnings, but when there’s an eclipse involved it ups the ante. This is a time to set your intentions and start manifesting your dreams. The universe is listening and this is your chance to make your voice heard. So don’t be afraid to go after what you want – the cosmos is on your side.

And if you’re curious about astrology, this is also a great time to start studying. The new moon eclipse in Scorpio falls in the 8th house of death and rebirth, so it’s a powerful time to learn about the cycles of life and how we can transform ourselves through them. There’s a lot of wisdom to be gained during this time, so don’t miss out on this opportunity. Embrace the change and let the new moon eclipse guide you on your journey.

If you have your astrology chart have a look at your star or rising sign for the energy of this new moon eclipse lunation and what houses they land in. Personally, for me, I look at both which will help me focus on those specific intentions for this time period. On top of that this new moon eclipse is in my sun sign of Scorpio and I will be sure to feel its intensity. If your sun or rising sign is Scorpio let me know how you make out this new moon.

What is also wonderful though is that this eclipse is taking place close to Venus and that’s the love and abundance planet! Use this opportunity to sort out problems with money or relationships and make them a feature through this new moon when making your intentions

How Can We Utilize the New Moon in Scorpio?

1. Spend time outdoors in nature, surrounded by the elements of water, earth and air. Breathe in deeply and connect with Mother Earth and look towards the eenergy of this new moon eclipse.

2. Write down your intentions for the month ahead. What do you want to manifest in your life? Be specific!

3. Connect with your intuition and trust your gut instincts. Scorpio is a very intuitive sign, so this is a great time to listen to your inner voice.

4. Be honest with yourself – what do you really want? Sometimes we can be afraid to go after our heart’s desires, but this is a powerful time to do just that. Trust that you deserve all the good things!

5. Let go of anything that isn’t serving you anymore – negative thoughts, toxic relationships, old patterns and habits etc. This is a time of release so that you can make space for new beginnings.

6. Get rid of anything physical that you no longer need or want – declutter your home, clear out your wardrobe, donate unwanted items to charity etc. Physical clutter can create energetic clutter, so it’s important to keep our spaces clear and uncluttered.

7. Journal about your shadow self durning this new moon eclipse – the parts of yourself that you tend to hide away from others. Why do you feel shame or embarrassment about these aspects of yourself? What can you do to heal them?

8. Reach out to someone who has been through something similar to what you’re going through – they can offer guidance, support and understanding. We all need help from time to time!

9. Lean into your feminine energy – this is not a time for forcing or pushing things to happen; it’s about being receptive and open to receiving what you desire. Surrender control and let things flow naturally.

10. Spend time during this new moon eclipse meditating or doing some form of energy work (reiki, chakra balancing, Chakradance, meditation etc.) This will help you to connect with your higher self and receive guidance from your spiritual team ( guides, angels etc.)

The New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio is coming up on October 25th, 2022! This is an important time for manifestation and setting our intentions for the months ahead. Follow these tips to make the most of this powerful energy. With forethought, mindfulness, and intention we welcome all of the good that comes our way!

New moon eclipses are powerful times for setting our intentions and manifesting what we want in the months ahead. If you want to make the most of this energy, join us for our Chakradance New Moon Eclipse on October 28th, 2022. We’ll be dancing under the light of the new moon, connecting with our highest selves and tapping into our creative potential. It’s sure to be a magical night that you won’t want to miss! 

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