Sagittarius & Solar Eclipse

The New Moon in Sagittarius also has a powerful solar eclipse that is about to occur just before midnight on Dec. 3 PT or early morning on Dec. 4 ET. New Moon is always a time of new beginnings and setting intentions for the future. How can you create good intentions now to grow stronger as 2022 approaches?

With the new moon, you’ll be encouraged to explore new notions, paradigms, and possibilities that are opening up before us. Everyone will sense the mystical and expansive power of this lunation, and its spiritual significance will touch a chord in the hearts of every zodiac sign. However, because the December 2021 new moon is also an eclipse, it’s wiser to utilize its energy for some reflection rather than just manifestation.

The spiritual meaning of the December 2021 new moon will push us to broaden our horizons and challenge our previous ideas about life, thanks to Sagittarius zodiac energy’s exuberance, surprises, and rapid changes. This new moon might cause significant shifts in our belief systems or lead us down a new learning path.

Change is the big word for this new moon, and change is for sure, so we will have to embrace it, or it will embrace us. All of this will be required to confront our inner truth and take some chances to progress. You might meet new people that will greatly impact your life and help you grow in new directions.

During this eclipse, we can learn something from people who have more expertise than us by looking to the advice of individuals who have more experience than us. Reach out to a mentor or talk with friends who have various belief systems to assist you in working through any challenging changes and becoming more confident in your own convictions.

You could feel pushed to question your identity and sense of self or expand beyond the limits you’ve set for yourself until now. New moon energy can bring on some major awakenings, especially when it comes to contact with new people who will teach us about different paths we may not have known existed.

The New Moon is a time to begin anew by making positive changes that support personal growth; however, an eclipse makes this process more challenging than usual. The New Moon Solar Eclipse offers opportunities to discover hidden aspects of ourselves while presenting obstacles that challenge our progress toward wholeness and fulfillment. This New Moon’s powerful energies also urge us to live passionately while developing the necessary skills needed for success later down the road, even if they are not skills we are currently interested in developing.

Steps you can take to maximize this New Moon Solar Eclipse:
  • Take some time until the new moon to journal and reflect on your beliefs. What is it that you currently hold to be gospel?
  • Get out and explore! New Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to learn, so take some classes or go on a trip related to something that interests you but that you may not have considered before.
  • Set some goals for yourself that will challenge you and push you past your comfort zone. Remember, the key is growth!
  • Don’t forget to pray, meditate, or do any other form of spiritual practice regularly to help guide you through these changes with grace and ease.
  • The New Moon in Sagittarius is an excellent time for setting intentions around personal growth and expansion. Use this energy wisely by exploring.

As we approach the new moon, now is a time to set intentions for your future. How can you create good intentions now to grow stronger as 2022 approaches? The possibilities are limitless, and this New Moon is an opportunity to explore what’s possible in our lives from spirituality, relationships, personal growth and more. Check out our New & Full Moon Dances here.

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