Intensity and timing are vital factors when achieving results. It is a large part of your training sessions. We will create a unique training program for you that works. We motivate you throughout each workout to ensure you reach your whole potential. No matter your goal, fat loss, muscle toning, improved overall fitness, or just staying in shape; we can help you achieve the results you desire. You won’t believe how much better you will feel and look after your training sessions.

Personal fitness training sessions are created based on your specific goals. We incorporate exercises with proven results. Our training systems re-shape your body, tone and tighten your muscles and give you a fit, firm and ideal body. We are fully mobile and can travel to you your home or office, or you may come to my home studio.

Clients can use their own fitness equipment. However, if required, equipment is provided during your sessions. Nutrition is very important to your success and is discussed in detail. We have a wide variety of equipment, including stability balls, medicine balls, BOSU balls, resistance bands, free weights, skipping ropes, etc.
Today’s world is fast-paced, especially for women. With the average workweek increasing from 40 to 50 hours (or more) plus all the other responsibilities of home and family. As a result, getting to the gym or simply making time for fitness exercise is increasingly difficult. You know you are busy and time is of the essence. We also know that it takes accountability, motivation and knowledge to stay in shape. We can tailor our training program to meet your specific needs.

Body Circuit for Her knows how to make an essential difference. We are professional and devoted to helping women reach, achieve and maintain their health and fitness goals. If you are already working out on your own, great! Our training programs can take you to the next level. If you are brand new to fitness, no problem, we have the know-how to help you develop a fitness program that fits your needs. Body Circuit for Her trainers has the expertise to take you where you want to be. In other words, your health, fitness and well-being are our priorities. The exercises, methods, and equipment will depend on your specific requirements.

Exercise intensity and nutrition are vital factors when achieving results. We will create a program that works and will motivate you and your training partner throughout each session, ensuring you each reaches your results. Whatever your goal, fat loss, increasing muscle tone, increasing cardiovascular fitness, or just staying in shape, we can help you achieve your desired results—training with your friend, child or partner. Workouts are based on your fitness goals and current fitness levels. This package is popular for those who like to exercise with a partner—an enjoyable way to train. We can also be great for Brides and Grooms. What better way to get healthy than with someone you are starting a new journey with.

We offer personal and partner training in Surrey, Langley and surrounding areas mobile to your homework, gym or office. Train at our in-home studio