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The Power of Positive Words and the Impact on Your Life

The power of positive words and their impact on your life can be positive or negative. You might not always believe this, but your words have power. They can create positivity in your life, or they can be the cause of negativity. Two words that you need to focus on are “can” and “will.” The word “can” is empowering because it makes you feel like anything is possible. The term “will” is more likely to give someone a sense of hope because it talks about what will happen instead of what could happen. It’s time to start choosing positive words and changing negative ones with positivity!

Language is a big part of life. Every day we choose how we will create our life through the words we choose to use. When we feel down, it is essential to understand the terms we choose impact how we think. It’s time to start using words to empower ourselves and create the life we dream of and want.

The words you use to describe your life shape your life in a way that is sometimes difficult or even impossible to alter later on. The power of positivity impacts everything from our health, relationships, wealth, career choices and more! Learning how to speak with words that create a life we want to live is one of the most important skills anyone could master.

Everyone loves positivity! Positive people are happier because they don’t focus so much on what’s wrong but instead turn their attention towards all the good things going right in their lives.

Research shows that the longer you concentrate on positive words, the more it affects your brain. This positivity can manifest itself as a happy mood, more happiness, and an improved immune system. If you’ve ever written in your journal or had someone close to you write for you about how good life is going, then this research goes beyond just words on paper!

A study by the University of Chicago found that people who did not use any negative words over five days were significantly happier than those who used negativity throughout their day.

The same study also shows that participants reported feeling like they could do anything without fear after only one week of positive speaking. Participants felt excited and drawn out into what was possible instead of being stuck in worry. A separate study (done at Penn State) found that 50% of all the words people use from their every day “working” vocabulary to express emotions are negative.

We have been conditioned to use negative words and don’t even realize it because it has become normalized. Another theory is that people tend to want to be as vulnerable and willing to share their weaknesses in our culture, so positivity becomes uncool or strange.

You see, positivity doesn’t matter – what’s important is how you can start using more positive words in your life today! Next step? Start taking note of every positive word not being used when talking with friends or family. Please keep track of these terms throughout the day, including during phone calls/email conversations, then chart them.

The only way to know if this works is to try it out yourself. The positivity starts with you, so it’s up to you how you want your life to go! Choose your words and watch how your life begins to unfold. If you wish positivity to be a part of your life, choose words that will put you in that state! When people speak positively about themselves, they’re happier than those who don’t

So the next time someone makes it seem like there is no hope, remember not to adopt these negative beliefs. Choose positivity instead and see how empowering that can feel!

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down or stressed out, it can be hard to remember that words have power. They are the cause of both positivity and negativity in our lives. It’s time to change negative comments with positive ones! Use more empowering words like “can” instead of “will.” If we say we can do something, then anything is possible!

Join us this week in our private community. We try changing negative phrases into positive ones by replacing them with two simple words Can & Will! Check out last week’s blog post here.