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spring equinox 2023

This Spring Equinox in 2023, we invite you to awaken the nourishing energy of light within. As we greet the sun and bask in its renewed energy, it is an optimum time to feel gratitude for everything alive in our lives.

On March 20th,2023 we usher in this special day, a cosmic gateway where night and day align and balance each other. This moment of equilibrium invites us to pause and let go of what no longer serves us, allowing us to clear any old patterns or belief systems that may have become ingrained and prepare space to create anew.

We can use this spring equinox time to think about how we want to shape our lives going forward. We might take some time during the afternoon sun meditation exercise to honour the spring equinox this fertile energy by expressing our intentions for the coming season. Setting an intention in motion infuses our goals with positive vibrations, creating greater motivation and focus when working towards them.

Let’s also focus on connecting with nature as part of our celebrations — whether it’s taking a walk outdoors or engaging in activities such as gardening. Nature can help unlock creativity and remove any fear or stress brought on by life’s changing tides while allowing us to observe its powerful magic and beauty firsthand.

The upcoming Spring Equinox is a reminder that although the life cycle continuously moves between lightness & darkness, ultimately, there will always be renewal & balance if you take the time to ponder upon your inner wisdom & strength.

Write eight spiritual practices we can do on this spring equinox day to take advantage of this energy.

1. Go for a Nature Walk: Connect with nature and take time to observe its beauty.

2. Spend Time in the Sun: Allow yourself to soak up the sun’s rejuvenating energy and feel gratitude for all of life’s blessings.

3. Practice Mindfulness Meditation: Focus on being present in each moment and let go of any stress from the past or worries about the future.

4. Set Intentions for the Season: Write down intentions for what you’d like to manifest during this season and focus on them throughout your day.

5. Create a Vision Board: Celebrate your creativity by creating a vision board that captures your dreams & aspirations for this season.

6. Hold a Gratitude & Intention Ritual: Host an intimate gathering with friends or family to share and express gratitude for the present moment and set intentions for the season.

7. Get Physical Exercise: Engage in physical activities such as yoga, running, or dancing to help you channel your energy and keep your body strong & balanced.

8. Journaling: Take some time to jot down whatever comes up – from thoughts & feelings to creative ideas & inspirations – as part of a reflective practice that helps us stay connected to our inner voice.

These are just a few things you can do to support yourself during the Spring Equinox and help you stay connected to your inner wisdom & strength. By taking a few moments to pause, reflect, and get in touch with our true needs on this day of balance, we can nurture the seeds of renewal within.

As we prepare to welcome the energies of Spring Equinox, let this day be a reminder that our lives are full of beauty and potential. This is a natural stop along our paths where we can take the time and meditate on alignment, clarity, and focus. May the restored energy of the sun fill us all with joy and warmth as we move forward from here. 

Recognize the gifts that come with this moment and celebrate your courage for participating in this ceremony of balance during the Spring Equinox. May we fully embrace this new phase in life with open hearts and awakened spirits! Carrying these insights into our daily lives allows us to live more deeply connected to ourselves and our surroundings. Join us for a Chakradance Spring Equinox Celebration.

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Happy Spring, Equinox! May this season bring new life & opportunities for growth. 🌸