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7 Sure-Fire Tips to Sleep Well

It’s normal to have trouble falling asleep when you have had major life changes to deal with. You may find that you lie down exhausted by it all, but then your mind just won’t shut down so that you can rest. We have all had this happen at one time or another in life, and here are some things you can do to invite sleep to come more easily.

1. Take light daily exercise

I cannot emphasize this enough you have to find time to move your body each day. Regular exercise helps us sleep more swiftly and soundly. A brisk walk is sometimes all that you need.

2. Have a no-tech bedroom

We have technology everywhere. But it shouldn’t be in the bedroom. Ignore your TV, smartphone, and computer before bed at least 60 minutes before sleep. Resist the temptation to check your Facebook one last time before laying down your head. It will only give your mind something else to start thinking about.

3. Journal

Just like we talked about last week, one way to get things off your mind before you close your eyes is to journal your thoughts for the day. Getting them out of your head and onto the page is extremely cathartic. This works best if you use a paper journal rather than an electric one. We want to break from all the emf’s floating around.

4. Unplug earlier

The screens that we are all so addicted to emit blue light, which affects our natural sleep cycle. The blue light mimics sunlight, so our brains wake up when we are watching a screen, whether watching TV, playing games online, working on the computer or reading a book on an eReader. Unplug at least 30-60 minutes before bedtime to ensure better, faster sleep. Snuggle up with a good paper book instead.

5. Meditate

Even if you prefer to meditate in the morning, guided meditation right before bed relaxes and can help you fall asleep faster. There are many free meditation apps you can use if you don’t already have a guided meditation you like. Also, there are some great frequency music you can download and listen to for relaxation and sleep. Here is a great relaxation video I like to use when my brain doesn’t shut off. Make sure to let me know if you found it helped you! You could even try some yoga to help relax and stretch the body. We have classes online you can do from home, and the guided meditations are blissful

6. Keep the same sleep pattern

When at all possible, go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Your body will get used to this cycle, so you notice you start to get drowsy right around bedtime. You’ll find it easier to get up in the morning also. You may even notice that you start to wake up just before your alarm is set to go off. This makes waking up even better to start your day!

7. Only sleep well in bed

Excluding journaling and meditating, only use your bed for sleeping and intimacy with your partner. Avoid studying or working on your bed since your brain starts to believe that the bed is where work occurs. So, when you hit the hay, the brain wakes up and prepares for work instead of falling asleep. It all becomes a habit that makes sleeping much more peaceful and gives your body the required rest for renewal.