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Reboot Your Base Chakra Gift Pak

Our base chakra connects us to our instincts. The Sanskrit name for the base chakra is Muladhara, which means root support. This chakra is often referred to as the root chakra.Located at the base of the spine it is the foundation of our entire chakra system and contains patterns passed down from our families. By strengthening our base, our other chakras can begin to flow with health, vibrance and energy, too.

So often we find ourselves up in our heads always thinking and analyzing. With so many thousands of thoughts everyday it’s no wonder we forget to pay attention to the signs our body is giving us on a daily basis. When our base chakra is out of balanced and blocked you begin to notice how we are reacting and responding to the world around us in non constructive ways.Many times we just don’t listen to the messages which can come in many forms such as headaches, body aches, pains and repetitive patterns. One of the ways you can support your base chakra is to get grounded and connected into the base chakra.

As Anodea Judith said “To lose our connection with the body is to become spiritually homeless. Without an anchor we float aimlessly, battered by the winds and waves of life.”

I’d just like to let you know about this FREE gift-pack that’s available to you from our Chakradance community. It’s called Reboot your Base Chakra Gift Pak. It is all about balancing our base chakra. It’s got a guided meditation to really help ground your energy. It has a dynamic moving meditation which helps to release all the stuff in our bodies that we’ve been holding onto that we no longer need.

If you don’t know where your base chakra is at there is an evaluation form that you can take that show you where you are in your base chakra.

Want to learn more about your base chakra check out this blog post here Super Charge Your Root Chakra

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