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The Scorpio New Moon: November 4, 2021

On November 4, 2021, this new moon is ushering us into Scorpio season and down into the depths of our souls. This potent lunation has some tension, upheaval, and unexpected twists and turns to offer. It can transform us, assisting us in making progress in any areas of our lives where we become stuck, doubtful, or exist in an “in-between” situation.

The Scorpio New Moon is an awakening of our shadow sides and deep dark secrets that we’ve been hiding for far too long, perhaps even since birth! This lunation will allow us to delve into those areas which make us feel most vulnerable or uncomfortable within ourselves. It’s a deep soul excavation, and we may feel uneasy or anxious about what new horizons it will uncover.

This new moon is inviting us not just to see what’s there but also to feel it. To transmute these emotions into something that can be reborn as a new expression of who we are capable of being.

It may awaken our sense of passion and sexuality or inspire us to explore other aspects which feed our creativity in some way, whether through writing, artwork, music etc. One could say this new moon has an alchemical effect on how we express ourselves creatively!

Creating your ritual for the Scorpio new moon is as simple as creating a set of practices you stick to every new moon. It might be as easy as meditating, taking a yoga class, or making a list. Alternatively, it may be as complex as setting up an altar, establishing a crystal grid, bathing in a cleansing bath or smudging your home.

The new moon is a great time to begin new endeavours. It’s the moment to start growing something in your life. Making a wish, making a goal, making a promise, or taking a vow are all popular traditions during the Scorpio new moon. It is thought that as the moon grows larger, so will your objective or goal. Take the time and make a new moon wish to guide you through the rest of this new moon cycle.

Explore new options and new connections with new people, new ideas or new information. This is not the kind of new moon that you’ll be able to nail with ease! During this fresh moon cycle, we can anticipate a few curveballs and some roadblocks to overcome.

The Scorpio New Moon may also bring up issues concerning our home environment such as renovations, moving house etc., so bear this in mind if anything significant occurs around those areas over the next couple of weeks. Address any problems head-on, and don’t let them fester under your skin because they’ll only crop up again later down the line when you least expect it!

Let’s look forward to making life changes but first, we must take time out for introspection and reflection. Let’s embrace new possibilities and welcome new ideas into our lives. It is the perfect time to set new intentions for what you would like to bring into your life during this new moon cycle.

This Scorpio New Moon can be a turning point in many ways, so let us allow it to shine a light on those areas of darkness within ourselves while also celebrating all that we have accomplished up until now! Be consistent with your moon rituals, and you will see how it impacts your life.

Remember to embrace change during this Scorpio new moon cycle because they are never easy but always necessary for growth! We must let go to move forward into new areas within ourselves that have been hidden from us until now. This new moon had arrived just when we needed it most! It can help us shed light on where we are while also offering solutions to move forward.  One of the best resources I use for the moon cycles to get dates and time is  Earthsky