A Mystic’s Guide to the New Moon in Pisces

The moon has a vital role in astrology since it influences our emotions and intuition. It regulates how we interact with others and communicate our ideas and everything concerned with our darkest selves. The new moon in Pisces is when we can reflect on the past month and set our intentions for the future.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac and a water sign, which means it’s all about feelings, emotions, and intuition. Pisces are known for their dreamy nature, they have a strong connection to the spiritual realm. It makes Pisces an excellent sign for setting intentions around intuition and dreams.

This New Moon in Pisces is a time for setting your intentions and dreaming big! This mystical sign is all about dreams, soul mates and intuition. If you really want to tap into your intuition and manifest your dreams, this is the time to do it! Let your heart lead you through this New Moon.

The New Moon is a powerful time for manifesting your dreams, so be specific about what you want. First, set some intentions for what you want to achieve during this time. Write down your goals and visions for the next month, and make sure to focus on positive affirmations.

Next, get in touch with your intuition. Pisces is all about following your intuition, so take some time to relax and connect with your inner guidance. It can be done through meditation and breath or simply taking some time for yourself each day to relax and listen to and connect to your heart.

If you’re looking to set some spiritual intentions for the new moon, here are a few ideas:

– Connect with your intuition: Pay attention to your hunches and gut feelings over the next month. See if you can decipher any messages from your subconscious mind.

– Manifest your dreams: The New Moon is a powerful time for manifesting your dreams, so no is the time to get creative and see what you can accomplish.

– Connect with your soul mate: Pisces is the sign of soul mates, so use this energy to connect with yours or set an intention to open yourself up to love.

– Explore your spiritual side: Pisces is all about the spiritual realm, so use this time to explore your own beliefs and connect with your intuition.

Finally, spend some time dreaming big! Pisces is all about exploring the possibilities and dreaming up new ideas, so let yourself wander into fantasyland! Allow yourself to daydream and brainstorm some new opportunities for your life.

Every 28 days, we get gifted with a magical new moon and a great time to share our intentions with the universe.

The moon is a powerful symbol that has been revered by cultures all over the world for centuries. Its effect on our emotions and intuition makes it an important factor in astrology. Each month, we have the opportunity to set new intentions during the new moon phase. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use the power of the moon to empower your life, join us for one of our monthly moon circles. We would love to connect with you and help you harness the energy of this celestial body! You can also join our private group here

What are you going to manifest during the New Moon in Pisces? Share in the comments below!